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Download The Amanbo APP
Shopping on your mobile phone is easy since you can do your shopping anywhere any time. Amanbo app provides an immersive and unique experience that makes online shopping a much simpler and a seamless process.
2018-09-29 in GUIDELINES
Why LEADDER Electronics Is Taking Over Kenyan Market
Mention the name LEADDER electronics anywhere in Kenya, and it’s now a house hold name, every big or small electronic dealer sells LEADDER products.
2018-09-12 in NEWS
Enjoy Great Shopping Deals This September
Amanbo offers amazing combination of a huge variety of products, with very attractive prices, on the other hand, the quality of the products and the level of service is of high standards
2018-09-05 in NEWS
Impact Of Amanbo In The Kenyan Market
E-commerce is growing rapidly in Kenya today and people are now embracing online shopping. With Amanbo in the market, people have an alternative option of doing business.
2018-08-24 in NEWS
Follow And Interact With Amanbo On Social Media
Adding value to our customers is our top priority whenever we publish a social media post, thanks to social media, we have the opportunity to communicate and engage on a personal level with our customers.
2018-08-09 in GUIDELINES
Make Profit Buy And Sell On Amanbo
Are you using the right online digital platform to improve your business value? Well Amanbo Kenya is here for you, Amanbo is a B2B B2C platform where buyers and sellers share one channel to buy and sell goods.
2018-08-07 in NEWS
Kenya’S Easy Acesss To China Through Amanbo
Kenya National Chamber of Commerce (KNCCI) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Amanbo, now Kenyans can do business with Chinese manufacturers online at no cost, through the Amanbo ecommerce platform.
2018-07-31 in NEWS
Why You Should Visit Amanbo Expirience Centre
For transparency and accountability we provide a show room or the amanbo experience center to our customers where they are able to touch and sample our products for free before making orders online.
2018-07-19 in NEWS
Why Amanbo Is The Online Mall With You
Amanbo is one of the latest and first growing ecommerce, platforms in Kenyan market. Using the three mode dimensional marketing strategy (OSO) online+social+offline.
2018-07-17 in NEWS
Amanbo Kenya OSO E-commerce Platform officially Launched in Kenya
Amanbo Kenya OSO E-commerce Platform was launched at Kenyatta International Convention Center in Nairobi on June 13. The conference was held at the Amanbo booth on the first day of the China Trade Week 2018.
2018-06-28 in NEWS
Amanbo and China Trade Week Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement
The biggest expo in Kenya - China Trade Week is going to be held during 13th-20th June. In order to offer better trading and business service on both online and offline aspect, Amanbo and China Trade Week signed strategic cooperation agreement. They are going to facilitate further cooperation.
2018-05-30 in NEWS
How to Shop on Amanbo Kenya
How to shop on Amanbo Kenya? The video can help you a lot.
2018-03-23 in GUIDELINES
A Success Story: How do I make money by joining Amanbo Distributor Partner
Amanbo Kenya launches Amanbo Distributor Partner project to help those businessmen to occupy the market and increase their profits. Read the success story and know about how the businessman make profits by Joining ADP
2018-03-16 in NEWS
LEADDER: Top Selling LED TV Brand in Africa
TV is one of the indispensable household appliances at present. However, there are varied brands LED TV in market, many families don’t know how to choose, top TV brand LEADDER will be great of your choice.
2018-02-09 in TECHNOLOGY
Top LEADDER Home Theater Subwoofer Series
As daily home theater subwoofer equipment in family, the sound equipment has become a necessity for many. How to choose a suitable woofer speaker? LEADDER multimedia speaker woofer is one of your best choice.
2018-02-06 in TECHNOLOGY
Top Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2018
Valentine's Day is coming soon. Are you going to deliver her / him a surprise? Yet do you know what she / he desires foremost? Don't worry. Here are a few types of valentines gifts that she / he has been looking forward to for a long time and will absolutely love!
2018-01-25 in GIFT IDEAS
Amanbo Promotion in Kenyatta University on Jan.18th
Between Jan. 11th to Jan.31st is Amanbo New Year Sale. On Jan.18th Amanbo was in Kenyatta University to promote the New Year Sale and our new project Amanbo Marketing Partner (short for AMP). Hundreds of students applied for AMP after they learned how easy it was to make money with Amanbo.
2018-01-22 in NEWS
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