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Top 20 African e-commerce platform in 2022
With the increasing popularity of the Internet, e-commerce websites are rapidly rising in Africa, and countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa are at the forefront of innovation and development, and African e-commerce will usher in explosive growth. The following summarizes the 20 mainstrea
2022-05-25 in Industry Info
Uncover African Generation Z, the most powerful consumers in the next decade!
African Generation Z, as an important group in African society, began to take the stage. These African Generation Z, born in the mobile Internet era, will be the strongest consumers on the African continent in the next decade!
2022-05-11 in Industry Info
African Retail Trends
African online retail has been growing fast in recent years and this trend is forecasted to continue. Several factors are contributing to this impressive growth.
2022-04-27 in Industry Info
Why should I use an electric toothbrush?
Brushing your teeth is the foundation of good oral care and prevention. Both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at removing oral plaque the cause of decay and disease, but which should you use, an electric or manual toothbrush? Are power brushes worth the extra cash?
2022-04-25 in Promotion
How to Choose and buy home security cameras?
How to Choose and buy home security cameras? We answer to you.
2022-04-25 in Promotion
China-Africa trade volume soars by 35%!
According to data released by the General Administration of Customs of China recently, the total bilateral trade between China and Africa will reach US$254.3 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 35.3%. From January to September 2021, China's direct investment in the entire African industry wa
2022-04-25 in Industry Info
Join Amanbo Service Partner, Start Your Own Business!
ASP is an individual or organization that provides marketing and services for the Amanbo platform in the local area. As a partner, by helping to promote the Amanbo platform, service sellers to settle in and use the Amanbo platform to obtain rewards and commissions.
2022-04-25 in Job Opportunity
Amanbo Help KENNEDE Brand to Go Overseas
On the morning of January 6th, the special event "KENNEDE Brand Going Overseas - Africa Station" sponsored by KENNEDE Electric Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Shenzhen RIGHT Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Amanbo) was successfully held at KENNEDE headquarters.
2022-04-25 in Company News
Amanbo Purchasing Service helps you to buy Chinese products easily
With China's economic development, China's manufacturing industry continues to transform and upgrade, and now more and more interesting, distinctive, and quality products in the world come from China.
2021-12-13 in Tech & Support
How to purchasing products directly from China?
Amanbo Purchasing Service helping African consumers buy high quality Chinese products with less money.Furthermore,we provide one-stop service to make transactions easier.
2021-12-13 in Tech & Support
How to start my business in Amanbo?
How to start my business in Amanbo?This article will show you how to start your own voice on Amanbo and earn your the first pot of gold!
2021-11-13 in Tech & Support
Amanbo Christmas Sale 2021
Amanbo brings you these cracking Christmas deals. check out our exciting range of thoughtful and exciting gifts at the very best prices. we have prepared the biggest shopping deals ever, including hot new and trendy fashion accessories and gadgets that you want to have them in your shopping list.
2020-12-18 in Promotion
Amanbo Black Friday Super Sale 2020 Upto 80% OFF
This Black Friday enjoy fantastic online and offline shopping amazing deals and discounts from favourite Amanbo brands. being the best shopping season of the year to find great deals on TVs, laptops, headphones, speakers, smartphones, and just about any kind of tech you can imagine
2020-11-10 in Promotion
Up To 50% Off Pure Cotton Baby Summer Clothes
Discover our kids' clothing sale offering great discounts on boys and girls clothing. From pretty cotton print dresses to comfy cotton tees and body suit, you can shop by age, from newborn to toddlers.
2020-08-14 in Promotion
YN Series Surveillance Cameras
Are you concerned about home intruders or just need to monitor your baby? Well the YN series cameras can stream live full high definition video feed straight to your phone even when you aren't home or at your business premises.
2020-07-22 in Guidelines
Amanbo Material Collection Platform for Medical Supplies of COVID-19
Medical facilities and medical conditions in Africa are relatively backward.Fighting for COVID-19, Protect Africa, Amanbo is trying our best to do more preparatory work to fight it!
2020-04-13 in Company News
Protect Your Family and Friends from COVID-19
Protecting your loved ones from COVID-19 means taking safety measures to prevent getting or contracting the corona virus the following are measures that we all need to practice religiously in order to stop new infections.
2020-04-03 in Guidelines
Amanbo Black Friday Deals 2019
This years black Friday Amanbo has prepared the biggest shopping deals ever, a great selection of phones, Bluetooth speakers, flash drives, and other accessories to make your devices pop, and keep you up to date with the current trends.
2019-11-05 in Guidelines
Affordable Women Lingerie- UP To 70%OFF
If you are looking for something to handle all that bass, our plus size lace lingerie is perfect for all our curvier African women. Whatever you’re getting up to behind closed doors, we’ve got the perfect underwear set for you.
2019-10-22 in Guidelines
LC KASINUO Portable Bluetooth Speakers
KASINUO LC is specially designed to deliver a deep and loud, jaw-dropping sound. You can place it anywhere and it will truly cover the angle of 360°. Whether you are close or far you will enjoy the same deep and amazing sound just like the sound when you are close.
2019-10-11 in Guidelines
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