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Why Amanbo Is The Online Mall With You
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2018-07-18 in Company News    Views:   Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

Amanbo is one of the latest and first growing ecommerce, platforms in Kenyan market. Using the three mode dimensional marketing strategy (OSO) online+social+offline, amanbo gives its users a unique platform to buy or sell on wholesale and retail.



Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people in Kenya prefer buying from amanbo over other platforms because of the following.


Price control- using the amanbo app, registered ADP users are able to control the price according to the quantity of goods they purchase giving the buyer freedom to buy according to his or her purchasing power.


Quality guarantee - Amanbo’s main aim is to provide its customers with quality assured products and services by sourcing from credible and reliable suppliers from china gaining customers trust and confidence.


Free online shop and free sourcing - selling online has never been this easy with the amanbo app, users are provided with a free platform to sell their merchandise online widening their customer base from both offline and online buyers.


Import export to and from china - before amanbo emerged in the Kenyan market most Kenyans importing from china faced several challenges like being duped to loosing goods and money to corrupt middle men, amanbo provides free sourcing of goods and import from china at reasonable fee saving the customer money time and security. We create a link between buyers and chines manufactures.


Variety (one stop shop) - Get a variety of brands and products from different sellers at one place.  You can shop from whole sale retail. Amanbo offers a far greater selection of categories than you will find locally. If you find that the product you need is out of stock online, you can post buying lead and the product will be shipped from china.


Amanbo experience center (Show room) - For trust transparency and accountability we provide a show room or the amanbo experience center for our customers to touch and sample the products before making orders online (INSERT AMANBO KENYA SHOW ROOM PHOTO).


Reliable customer service - amanbo provides reliable and efficient customer service for both online and offline users, responding to orders and customer queries through our call centers and various social media platforms.


Amanbo is becoming a house hold name in the Kenyan market with top selling amanbo brands like leadder puresoft and great top penetrating in to the market, through flashsale, promotions and amazing offers don’t miss out,  connect with us on social media or visit the us at the amanbo experience center and you could end up being a lucky shopper.

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