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Amanbo Service Partner

ASP is an individual or organization that provides marketing and services for the Amanbo platform in the local area. As a partner, by helping to promote the Amanbo platform, service sellers to settle in and use the Amanbo platform to obtain rewards and commissions.


ASP only need to help Amanbo developers, as long as they become paid members through your referral, they can get customer development rewards; at the same time, the customers you recommend can also get platform transaction commissions after placing an order on the Amanbo platform.


Amanbo will provide a purchasing platform for ASP, and ASP can provide Chinese original factory purchasing services for unsettled merchants, earning the difference or commission.


Target Crowd



Entrepreneurial crowd



                     Business Association



Amanbo Value —— For ASP



How to start?


ASP Profit

Entry Bonus: If others successfully enter the platform through your invitation code, you will receive a 50% commission of the annual fee of the store that you invited.

Trading Commission:The store you recommend have successfully placed orders through the Amanbo platform. Amanbo provides transaction commissions for the first two years.
The rebate for the first year is calculated as 2% of the order amount, for the second year is calculated as 1.5% 

Purchasing Income:ASP earns the difference or commission for the order completed through the Amanbo purchasing service system



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