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YN Series Surveillance Cameras
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Are you concerned about home intruders or just need to monitor your baby? Well the YN series cameras can stream live full high definition video feed straight to your phone.


Even when you aren't home or at your business premises and you simply want to check your staff, the YN series security cameras can give you a direct view to your phone.


While it's great that there are plenty of excellent options to choose from, with devices that offer features such as two-way communication, night vision, cloud storage, motion tracking and HD video for top-notch video quality, multiple cameras.



The following are the main reasons why you should buy our YN series cameras:


Solar powered: browsing through our cameras you will find our Yn88 solar camera with amazing features if you live in a remote area without electricity or black outs are recurrent in your area this the right gadget for you.


Mobile app: The current crop of CCTV cameras are accessed primarily through a smartphone/tablet app. the YN series cameras use the icsee (APP) In addition to offering you a reliable way to view the camera’s live feed, it offers plenty of options for customizing. The ability to customize notifications, adjust motion and sound detection sensitivity, and remote viewing


Night vision: This is one of the most important function since a lot of stealing and burglaries occur after dark, the ability of the camera to switch to night vision and record in the dark is an amazing feature


Alerts: YN Series surveillance cameras can push notifications to your smartphone when they detect events. Without watching the live feed all day, it may send text alerts when it detects motion or movement. It can also send alerts to multiple people, usually anyone connected to the camera using the Icsee app.


Cloud recording: With one of these, your recorded video is sent to a remote server and stored for a predetermined time— usually anywhere from 24 hours to a week—and then deleted to make space for new videos.


Local storage: all YN cameras come with a memory-card slot in addition to cloud storage, so you can store video right on the device. It’s an attractive feature as it can eliminate the cost of monthly storage fees.


Motion detection: Assuming you are monitoring your business or home when there is no one, motion detection is one of the most desirable features in our security cameras. Built-in motion sensors pick up movement within the camera’s field of view and trigger recording.


Resolution: poor quality video can be wanting. our YN Series cameras offer the best and highest possible resolution. Most currently offer 1080p (often referred to as “full HD”).


Two-way audio: While the idea of a security camera implies eyes-on monitoring, the ability to also hear what’s going on gives you a more complete picture of what’s happening when you’re away. It can also alert you to something occurring out of the camera’s field of vision. This feature can also allow you to speak through the camera, a great tool for remotely.


Viewing angle: we have two types of camera angles in YN series 130, angle and the 360-degree angle, you just need to choose the camera that suits your needs and we have them under one roof


Product Warranty: our cameras come with a one-year warranty effective from the date of purchase



With a well good Wi-Fi connection, you should be in good shape to use your indoor camera or outdoor security camera without any major issues. Need a demonstration visit our show room at Amanbo experience centre 1st floor two rivers mall.


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