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Kenya’S Easy Acesss To China Through Amanbo
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2018-08-14 in Company News    Views:   Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

Following the signing of memorandum of understanding between Kenya National Chamber of Commerce (KNCCI) and Amanbo, Kenyans can now do business with Chinese manufacturers online at no cost, through the Amanbo ecommerce platform.



 The Amanbo platform will help in doing away with logistical barriers that Kenyans experience while accessing Chinese market creating a bridge or a connection between the Kenyan entrepreneur and the Chinese suppliers, through the following key areas.



Mass online purchase -Amanbo is the only company offering mass online purchase of products and direct links to Chinese suppliers, through this initiative, Amanbo helps the buyer to cut purchasing cost from china.



Customized purchasing service- Amanbo offers a customized experience putting the interest of the buyer first by serving him according to his needs and purchasing power. Majority of Kenyan entrepreneurs now prefer buying and importing through Amanbo which saves them time and money giving them a unique experience and ease in doing business.



Availability of goods locally- through the online platform amanbo.co.ke wholesalers and retailers are able to make orders online and get fast moving goods from our ware houses here in Kenya at affordable rates leaving them with a bigger profit margin. All orders and payments are done online and paid through Amanbo.



Transparency is vital in any aspect of business, and requires companies and entrepreneurs to be open with each other. In Amanbo being transparent is what has kept us going, practice open lines of communication with our customers in every process building trust and long working relationship.


Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina
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