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Why You Should Shop at Amanbo Service Center Two Rivers Mall
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2019-05-21 in Company News    Views:   Share To: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

Looking for a convenient online offline store?


Well look no further Amanbo Service Centre is the ideal shop for you, located in one of the biggest shopping mall in Kenya, the store provides a unique shopping for its offline customers.




Why shop on Amanbo?



1. Wide range of products to choose from


Visiting our offline center at two rivers mall gives you an opportunity to see the product being sold online on a physical level, this also gives you confidence in the product you want to purchase.

Today, most people who visit our store are usually interested to check the product, size, quality and other aspects.



 2. Competitive prices on all products


Amanbo offers competitive prices as compared to other physical stores, one of the main reasons why shopping from our offline shop at two rivers is that you get value for your money. And let's face it, affordable prices never go a miss!



3. Everything under one roof


Our model of selling offline is different from what you get from other stores, we sell a little bit of everything under one roof, once you visit our store, you will be amazed by the types products that we sell and different platform functions that we have on our website.



4. Amanbo Day


Every Friday when you visit our shop you get a chance to buy goods at extremely low price, this means every item sold that day is on discount and the only way you can get that discount is to visit our shop at two rivers mall on a Friday from 11:30am to 6:00 pm.







5. Free training about Amanbo platform


We offer free training about Amanbo platform and ecommerce and the advantages of using our online platform and through this we can open for you a free online shop, you can also join Amanbo marketing partner and earn commission from every customer you refer to us



6. Enjoy a free cup of tea


Customer satisfaction is very important we value every customer that visit our service center, we offer a cup of tea and other incentives as our customer care agents attend to your needs.



Don’t miss the fun visit us today at two rivers mall and we will offer you the best price and best service.

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