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Impact Of Amanbo In The Kenyan Market
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2018-09-06 in Company News    Views:   Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

E-commerce is growing rapidly in Kenya today and people are now embracing online shopping. With Amanbo in the market, people have an alternative option of doing business.




 Amanbo provides a unique opportunity for Kenyans of all walks of life to buy, sell and do business on one platform, this shows how Amanbo has changed and improved people’s way doing business in Kenya.



Compared to other ecommerce platforms in Kenya Amanbo offers the cheapest price, quality products and excellent after sales service.



 Amanbo has become more intertwined, with wholesaler’s retailers and consumers are increasing their connectivity and the speed with which they conduct sales transactions.



During the recent china trade week exhibition at the Kenyatta international conference center, Amanbo tent recorded the highest number of visitors interested in online shopping, importing and exporting to china.



Online shoppers have benefited through Amanbo in so many ways, the growth of e-commerce retail sales has reduced consumers cost of unnecessary expenses and placed downward pressure on many consumer prices.



Ecommerce has influenced countries in Africa like Kenya that were not economically viable exposing them to  international business market, in Kenya most businessmen now prefer to use Amanbo to import their goods from china. Moreover it has also helped many small businesses grow even without a physical a store or office, buying supplying goods to them at affordable prices leaving them with large profit margins.



Amanbo has also created employment for many Kenyans direct and indirectly providing more young people with opportunities and a source of livelihood.


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