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Why LEADDER Electronics Is Taking Over Kenyan Market
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2018-09-12 in Company News    Views:   Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

Mention the name LEADDER electronics anywhere in Kenya, and it's now a house hold name, every big or small electronic dealer sells LEADDER products.


LEADDER electronics a product of Amanbo has been in the Kenyan market since early 2015 to date, but penetrated well in to the electronic business in the year 2017.


Walk in the streets of Nairobi especially Luthuli and river road  you will see LEADDER electronic banners hanging on top of canopies of big electronic shops these banners are approved by the shop owners, which acts as a sigh of good will that our products are available and accepted in the market.


Through vigorous online and offline marketing  campaigns, I can confidently say that LEADDER  is now one of the best-selling electronic and home appliance brand in the Kenyan market, competing with already established electronic brands.


Quality - LEADDER Company manufactures electronics, home appliance, mobile phones and accessories, being in a competitive market, LEADDER has managed to build itself a good reputation by selling high quality affordable and products with excellent after sales service.


Some of the best and fast selling  LEADDER products we have in the market are LEADDER speakers and television, these two products have been able to gain customer confidence over our competitor’s products, due to their unique features like picture clarity for the TV and quality sound output for the speakers or woofers as they are popularly known locally.


                                          LD32T02                                                                                              T4001


 32 LEADDER led tv40 inch digital led tv


LEADDER products are available in all big shops in Nairobi and other major towns, you can also buy them on amanbo.co.ke an online shop that markets and owns and distributes the brand.



Warranty -All LEADDER products come with a one year warranty and are quality assured products, no need to worry about quality, if you value quality and durability then LEADDER products is what you need to put in your budget.


In the near future LEADDER will be expanding its range of electronics and home appliances products creating a one stop LEADDER brand shop for its customers.


Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina
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