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2019-07-12 in Promotion    Views:   Share To: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

July is officially here, a cold chilly month however, if you need your shopping delivered at your doorstep all you have to do is check out our daily offers on Amanbo.co.ke place your order online choose home delivery and we will deliver.


This month, Amanbo online shop will have lots of discounts and giveaways including your favourite brands the very best of deals on everything - electronics, home appliances, digital products and many more. not to mention, some of the best of July sales are already happening, which means you can take advantage of all the deals and shop now special discounts on both offline and online  however if a customer places order by themselves online on Amanbo Kenya they can get a free coupon.


We’ve introduced a new Tv brand TCL both digital and smart at very affordable rates from 24 inch up to 55 inches available online and Amanbo service centre 1st floor two rivers mall.


       TCL 32" AI Smart TV                                   TCL 43" 4K Smart TV                              TCL 55" 4K UHD Smart TV


We also have Leadder smart phones now selling from as @ as low as ksh 3,999 and a special sale on ceramics as low as ksh 100 during Amanbo day every Sunday .



If you are a fun of wireless Bluetooth headsets and earphones, earbuds then we are the best bet we have the best high-quality stereo surround headsets in the market right now the BH Series and the QCY.



    LEADDER S3 Smartphone                                    Headphone BH-69                                   Keyboard KB-01



Using your smart TV remote to search or browse online can be annoying and hectic that’s why I recommend upgrade your smart tv with our mini wireless keyboard combo suitable for your smart Tv and laptop and PC.



Its happening now on Amanbo.co.ke, don’t wait until the end of the month shop now only limited stock is available on selected products don’t miss out spread the word to your friends and family members.


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