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Follow And Interact With Amanbo On Social Media
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Adding value to our customers is our top priority whenever we publish a social media post, thanks to social media, we have the opportunity to communicate and engage on a personal level with our customers. 



Deals and discounts - Our daily online promotion offers deals and discounts are posted first on social media pages, following us on social media could make you a lucky shopper, stay connected become part our conversation, connect follow, share bring in ideas or requests and helps us improve our service delivery to you. 


Reliable efficient customer service - we provide reliable and efficient customer service for both online and offline users, responding to orders and customer queries through our call centers and various social media platforms.  Customers are able to post orders on our platform and we can sent them a direct link to the product on our website.


Feedback - Depending on what we post and the type of goods or services we offer, many customers submit inquiries through our social media channels, through this we respond to feed back in a timely manner.


How to find us -We use directly related organization’s logos and trademarks to ensure that people easily recognize our business and social media channels linked  directly from our website amanbo.co.ke, we also have a chat section on our platform where we interact and dialogue with our customers.


 Good service delivery- Good service means happy customers, which in turn results in a good word of mouth and online recommendations following our good reputation, most our customers have been referred to us by existing customers through posts and mentions on social media.


Stay updated follow us on social media Facebook, twitter and Instagram and stay updated with the latest updates on promotions, new arrivals, stock and upcoming events.


Share to: facebook twitter qq weixin sina
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