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Amanbo Material Collection Platform for Medical Supplies of COVID-19
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2020-04-13 in Company News    Views:   Share To: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

Collect purchases and respond market needs quickly


Protect doctors and protect the world


Amanbo is always with you!


What we want to do?

Amanbo is an E-commerce platform focus on Africa market for more than 20 years. Africa is our second hometown. Protect Africa is protect ourselves !


There are more and more confirmed cases in Africa, the demand of medical supplies is higher and the gap of supply is larger. Otherwise, because of the information asymmetry, most of the buyers are hard to directly connect with the qualified suppliers. Also because of the small order volume, it is often difficult for the manufacturer to process the order in a timely manner. Price, quality and delivery time are almost out of control!


Due to the failure of purchase qualified medical supplies in a timely manner, African doctors are facing huge risks, this situation will undoubtedly exacerbate the difficulties of epidemic prevention and risks in Africa.


Medical facilities and medical conditions in Africa are relatively backward. Facing disasters such as the COVID-19, local doctor resources are even more valuable. Protecting doctors is protecting Africa and the world !


On the other hand, it is difficult for Chinese factories to establish direct communication and trust with African buyers.


Therefore, we hope to use the Internet to build a collection platform, our main objective is to collect orders, connect the qualified suppliers and buyers, improve working efficiency, and fight the epidemic together !


What can we do?

1) Collect orders from different countries and buyers and connect the qualified manufacturers, assist Africa governments and hospitals to source the best qualified suppliers in China.


2) Assist the buyer control the quality.


3) Coordinate logistics service providers to track buyer’s orders in real time and ensure the merchandises are delivered as soon as possible.


4) Control the price: we can assist the buyer to control the cost and get the best price.


How to cooperate with us?

Whether you are representing a government, a hospital, a buyer, or an enthusiastic compatriot who wants to assist overseas purchase medical supplies to fight the epidemic, you can post your buying leads here. 


We will collect more orders to reduce the cost and increase working effectiveness.


Welcome to join us: We are just out of the big difficulty of COVID-19, we know that is very serious. Most of African countries will face the big difficult for the medical treatment capacity.If you have any good experience or any suggestion for help Africa. Welcome join us.


Share To: facebook twitter qq weixin sina
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