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A Easier Shopping Way - Shop at Amanbo Service Point

Amanbo Service Point is short for ASP, it’s a shop where you can purchase Amanbo products, sample products, get guidance on Amanbo online shopping, and choose as your self pick-up station when you're shopping online. 

Amanbo is planning to establish thousands and hundreds of ASP throughout Kenya, and you may choose them as self pick-up station, so that you could save both money and time on order logistics. You can easily find ASP around you and experience our remarkable service. 

If you don’t have a M-Pesa account to make payment online, you may also pay your order at ASP with cash. If the ASP have the product you purchase in stock, you can even immediatelly get it. 

ASP also displays some product samples so that you can take a look or try it out before making a buying decision. 

ASP offers many service to uses, welcome to experience. 

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