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What is Amanbo Shop Signs and how to apply?


Amanbo.co.ke launches the free plan to help thousands of shops to occupy the market and increase profits in the form of cooperation or join, all you need is to hang on the shop signs which is completely free, shop signs are offered and installed by Amanbo. 


Why apply Amanbo Shop Signs?

1. Amanbo will give you priority to provide goods, you can enjoy the rights that ordinary shops do not have!

2. Get more from Amanbo's promotion activities, such as discounts, delivery and service etc.

Note: You must comply with the Amanbo agreement, shall not participate in or destroy the Amanbo marketing system.


How to apply Amanbo Shop Signs?

-If you have been approved as Amanbo Distribution Partner (ADP), please follow these steps:

1. Login your account;

2. Enter Partner - Manage Shop Signs webpage, and upload file pictures to prove your qualifications;

3. Click “Submit”.


If you have not applied as Amanbo Distribution Partner (ADP), please follow these steps:

What is Amanbo Distribution Partner (ADP) and how to join in ?  Click here 

1. Login your account;

2. Enter Partner - Apply as Distribution Partner webpage (under Amanbo Distribution Partner column, fill in the form and upload your current shop pictures;

3. Click “Apply Now”.


The submitted application will be audited by Amanbo staff in a short time .

After approval you will become ADP and our local Kenyan staff will contact you. If you do not pass the audit, please confirm the fill in information whether correct and meet the requirements or not, after that please re-submit it again; if in doubt, please click on the page right sidebar "Livechat" button to ask the customer service for help.


This is a photo that a shop sign has been hung on, just for reference only.



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