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Amanbo Marketing Partner Cooperation Agreement

1  General Provisions

1.1  Amanbo Platform (www.amanbo.co.ke) is owned and operated by SHENZHEN RIGHT NET TECH CO., LTD.

1.2  Amanbo Marketing Partner (AMP) is a partner of the Amanbo platform, and is cooperation relationship with the Amanbo platform, without any employment relationship.

1.3 Before submitting an AMP application to the Amanbo platform, the user should read this agreement carefully and agree to abide by this agreement and all platform rules.


2  Cooperation Purposes

2.1  Using both goods and market resources, and jointly promote the Amanbo platform transactions, so that the two sides through legal means to create the fruits of labor, sharing economic interests.


3  Service Content

3.1  Amanbo platform specific service content is provided by the website according to the actual situations, such as the sale of goods, product display, trading platform, order management.

3.2  This website provides related web services, in addition to this, the related equipment of related network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other Internet and mobile Internet-related devices) and the necessary costs (such as to pay the telephone charges, Internet fees for accessing to the Internet) all should borne by the users.


4  AMP Permissions

4.1  AMP can create an order on the Amanbo platform according to the actual transaction. The information of the buyer and the seller must be selected or filled in accurately.

4.2  AMP can invite users to join Amanbo ( "Invitee" to fill in AMP's user ID when registering).

4.3  AMP can receive the rebates through their own created orders or downstream (not more than two levels) user orders.

4.4  AMP rebates can be used on purchasing on Amanbo platform and can be withdrawn via m-pesa, bank transfer, or cash.

4.5  AMP is prohibited to receive the payment of platform orders, or as a serious violation, the platform will retain the right to pursue their legal responsibilities. All payments must be made through the payment methods actually supported on the platform, including Amanbo wallet, Amanbo credit, check, bank transfer, online m-pesa and cash payment to Amanbo.


5  Privacy Protection

5.1 The platform does not disclose or provide a single user’s registration information and the non-public content stored on the platform when the user is using the platform to a third party, with the following exceptions:

   a, Get authorization from the user in advance;

  b, According to the relevant laws and regulations;

  c, According to the requests of the relevant government departments.


6  Declaration of Liability

6.1  The transactions generated by users through this platform must meet the requirements of the laws and regulations of Kenya.

6.2  All rights of final interpretation and modification of this Agreement are reserved to SHENZHEN RIGHT NET TECH CO., LTD.

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