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How to manage warehouse and stock?

How to manage warehouse?


1: Login your account

2: Enter Supplier Center - Manage Warehouse webpage, fill in the form and upload your warehouse pictures.

3: Click "save" button, and your online warehouse is added.



1. You can set up 5 warehouses at most for explaining the goods in which warehouse and facilitating the calculation of shipping costs.

2. You can set up a warehouse that often use as the default delivery warehouse. After set up the usual warehouse can not be deleted.

3. Before deleting the warehouse, you can click on the "Stock Management" to move those goods to other warehouses; if you delete the warehouse directly that those goods will automatically move to the current usual warehouse after deleting.

How to manage stock?


1,On the Warehouse Management page, operate column -stock management- quick store -Store Product into Stock webpage.

2,Select the items that you want to store in the warehouse


PS: About Storage Reason

1,Procurement: An increase in the number of stock caused by purchased products;

2,Adjustment: Changes in the number of stocks caused by products moved from another warehouse.

3,Stock Overage: When you inventory the real warehouse, find the actual quantity of products is not match your recorded

4, Return Goods: An increase in the number of inventories caused by buyer return goods





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