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What is Amanbo Credit Payment and how to use it?

Users can apply Amanbo credit payment, which is similar to credit card payment, the credit limit can be used to pay the goods, using credit payment can help you to reduce the problem of cash flow.

Credit Payment Terms of Use:

1. Credit payment only support to buy spot commodity, buying pre-order commodity is not supported.

2.The use of credit payment only for full payment, partial payment is not supported.

3. The users can not apply credit limit by themselves, administrator will grant credit limit based on the user’s information. Credit limit is valid for life, no     time limit.

4. After successfully using credit to pay the order payment, it will deduct the credit limit; credit limit will restore  after you repaid to Amanbo.

5. Repayment Period: The buyer should repay to Amanbo after the goods delivered by seller within 30 days, if the buyer overdue not to repay, he will be charged five thousandths per day as late fee.


Credit Payment Application:

*Only ADP or ANS users can apply for the credit payment.

1. After login, click “Username” on the left corner at the top into “Account Center” .

2. Click “Assets” and submit an application.

3. Amanbo will artificially audit the application and grant credit limit based on your information. Credit limit does not support to increase or decrease.

Credit Payment Usage:

When you need to pay the order payment, please select “Credit Payment”.

Credit Limit Repayment:

*Only the seller has clicked the "Delivery" order, Amanbo will begin to calculate the repayment date for your credit limit, so you cannot repay if the seller of your order has not made a "Delivery" operation.

Repayment Steps:

1. Into “Assets” page in the “Account Center”, click ”Repayment Now” to repay.

2. After you repaid, Amanbo will audit the repayment, after approval, credit limit will be restored. 


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