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What is Amanbo Marketing Partner and how does it make money?

Amanbo Marketing Partner (short for AMP) is a Amanbo platform character that can make money with Amanbo. When AMP promotes Amanbo and users invited by them buy things on Amanbo, AMP gets bonus. Anyone can apply for AMP and it's totally free. 


To apply for AMP, you need to:

1. Register an Amanbo account for free (click here), or if you already have an account please login (click here). 

2. Apply for AMP (click here) and wait for approval. 


When you're approved, you simply need to do two things to make money: 

1. Invite others to register Amanbo account. 

    Please tell your friends to fill in your user ID when they are registering Amanbo accounts.  If they don't do this you cannot get bonus. 

2. When the users invited by you buy anything on Amanbo, you can get bunus from each order. 

Bonus payment rules:

1. When a user sets an order, bonus are provided to three users at most: the user who set order, their inviter A, and A's inviter B. 

2. Only AMP can they get the bonus. So in this situation, only when all of them are AMP, they can get bonus. If any one is not AMP, then he/she cannot get bonus, but the rest two of them can still get bonus.


How much bonus an AMP can get?

When there's an order, a certain percentage of order total amount bonus will be provided. Here're the details:

  For Retail Orders For Wholesale Orders
User B (A's inviter) 2% 0.3%
User A (Buyer's inviter) 3% 0.5%
Buyer  5% 1%


Bonus settlement and usage:
The bonus will be paid to Amanbo Wallet of your account, and you can pay with it when you buy things on Amanbo.

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