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How does supplier create an order?

If you are a general supplier and have published products on amanbo.co.ke, you can create the orders by yourself, no need the buyers to do it.

Follow the steps below to create an order now.

1. After registered, please click in “Supplier Center”.


2. After into “Supplier Center”, please select “Create Spot Orders” or “Create Pre-Orders” according to your need.

3. After selected order type, please fill in all the information as required. Step 1, you must select the customer information from “ Select From My Contact” or “+New Customer”. And must select the “Yes” or” No” for the question “ Do you have a face-to-face transaction with the above customer? ”

3.1 If you select the customer information from “ Select From My Contact”, please select one of lists.

3.2 If you select “+New Customer”, please fill in the required information to create a new buyer. (*The system will automatically help buyers to create an account, the buyer if you need to check orders, you can directly use the phone number to log in.)

4. Step 2, you must select delivery information from “Home Delivery” or “Self Pick-up”.

4.1 If you select “Home Delivery ”, the current address will be displayed; if you want to edit the current address, please click “ Edit”; if you want to create a new address, please click “New Address”. 

4.1.1 After you filled in or edit the required information, please click “Confirm” to finish. 

4.2  If you select “Self Pick-up”, please fill in the required information.

5. Step 3, you must select the products from “Select Products From My Online Shop” and fill in the quantity.

5.1 Click in the “Select Products From My Online Shop”, please select the products you need and tick “select”.

6. Step 4, after filled in all the information, please click “Submit” to finish. ​


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