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How to publish products on Amanbo.co.ke?


1. Click "Publish Product" on the home page or on supplier center.

2. Select a suitable category for your product and then click "Next".

3. Fill in product details and then click "publish".  Please offer as more details as possible, and the pictures should be clear and specific. This will increase your chance of getting orders.

4. Please note that your product cannot display until it's approved by Amanbo administrators. Products are often approved within 1 business day. After it's approved, any user can see your product. 




1. Product pictures:

Pictures with white background are prefered. 

Best size is 750*750px. 

Pictures with too much watermark or contact information are not welcome. 


2. Product details:

3. Please also edit product details to the form below too. Otherwise, there will no product details shows on cutomer's mobile phone. PS: images can not be copied, please upload images by click the image icon.

All the content should be in English. 

Do not leave any contact information in product details. 

Please avoid use large size pictures especially in product details for APP display. 

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