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What is ADP and how to join in?

How to join in ADP?

1. Register an account 
2. Enter Supplier Center – Partner – Amanbo Distribution Partner webpage, and fill in the form.
The submitted application will be audited by Amanbo staff in a short time .
After approval you will become ADP. If you do not pass the audit, please confirm the fill in information whether correct and meet the requirements or not, after that please re-submit it again; if in doubt, please click on the page right sidebar "Livechat" button to ask the customer service for help.

What is Amanbo Distribution Partner (ADP)?

Amanbo.co.ke launches the free cooperation plan specially for the businessmen who open the wholesale/retail shops in Kenya and are interested in purchasing or opening E-shops on Amanbo, that is Amanbo Distribution Partner (ADP).
By join in ADP, you can purchase from overseas sellers online with lesser time cost and lower purchase cost. Meanwhile, you will get a free e-shop, which will increase market method and profit, and you can sell online. 
Come join in ADP, reduce purchase costs and increase profit, and you will enjoy the rights and interests that ordinary registered users do not have. 

Why join in ADP?

-    Reduce Purchasing Cost
Purchasing goods directly from overseas manufacturers, greatly reduces the trade levels, so that the purchasing costs fall to freezing point.
-    Increase E-shop Profit
Online Marketing is no longer a dream! 
Amanbo offers free E-shops, so that you can do wholesale or retail business online, and get higher profit. 
-    Increase Entity Shop Profit
Join in ADP, Amanbo will help you to promote entity shop. The shop location will display on Amanbo E-shop, greatly improving the visibility of your shop. Also, Amanbo pushes customers nearby, which will highly increase your entity shop profit. 
-    Free Open Shop Guide
Amanbo also provides you with a lot of free guidance services, including open shop training, shop management tools, funds management and so on.

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