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Fishing net cage
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Shipped from overseas, takes 10-20 workdays

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Model : various specifications of netted cages
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Ground cage, whether non-professional or professional personnel, is their favorite, because the operation is simple, he does not like fishing need to wait all the time, after casting the net waiting to catch fish. Fish generally enter the cage, it is difficult to come out. The ground cage is called the ground cage because it sinks into the mud. The small cages have many sections, all connected. The material of the floor cage is made of plastic fibers. It is generally divided into two kinds of floor cages, one with joints and the other without joints. There are many openings on both sides of the cage, and the situation inside is more complicated.

1) First of all, we need to choose places where there are more fish, such as reservoirs and ponds. When we place cages, we need to have a certain understanding of the environment. Generally, we can not place them in shallow waters, but they can not be too deep. That is, we can avoid the edge of water plants, and people who often come to the reservoirs to fish know that these places are fishing nests. You can ask about unexpected harvest.

(2) Prepare tools, straighten out the floor cage and place it conveniently. Find a longer stick to mark it conveniently. Otherwise, you won't find it tomorrow.

3) When we put the ground cage, especially the one or two mouth type, it is better to put the bait at the entrance of the ground cage, if there is no fish food, it can also be the pork and pork liver, so that we can attract the fish to come here. Generally, as long as there are fish, it will attract more fish to come, and finally it is difficult to go out into the ground cage, so the bait. Material preparation is also important.

4) Place the ground cage, we put the straightened ground cage into the place you want to put, first fix one end, then put it forward one by one. Generally, let it go horizontally, not vertically, according to the direction of your current, we decide to cross the main stream of the current stall. After putting it away, remember to mark it well or you won't find it when you close the net.

5) Wait for delivery.

Shipped from Overseas

Shipped from overseas, takes 10-20 workdays

Pinghe BoHao Fishing Net Co.,Ltd.

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Fishing net cage
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Fishing net cage
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Fishing net cage
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Fishing net cage
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Fishing net cage
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