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Best Place To Buy Geniune Sub Woofers In Kenya
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2019-06-03 in Company News    Views:   Share To: facebook twitter qq weixin sina

The Consumer Electronic market in Kenya is very competitive with new brands emerging everyday, making it hard for customers to know what’s genuine or not genuine, however Amanbo Kenya is here to save you from all that.





Whether you're looking for a basic 2.1 channel multi media speaker up to 5.1 cabled home theater system, or a full wireless speaker Sound system then you are at the right place



Through our online platform www.amanbo.co.ke and offline shops, you get all these on one platform E.g. Home theatres, sub woofers from the smallest to the biggest at affordable rates. 



If you've decided you want to invest in a subwoofer, or home theater system, you'll want to consider a number of different things.



1. Quality


The quality of our products is admirable and has been a major contributing factor to the growth of our Brand LEADDER and Amanbo platform.


2. After sales service


Service and customer satisfaction our top priority and we value every customer regardless of their social status by providing the best service without discrimination.


3. Warranty


If you buy any item from us you will never have to worry about the warranty, we provide 15 months warranty for all electronics products purchased on our online platform or any of our branches in Nairobi.


4. Best price


Compared to other brands our prices are very competitive for example with as little as ksh 2500 you can get your self a powerful 2.1 channel multi media speaker.


5. Safe convenient and affordable delivery


Through partnering with one the biggest logistic company in Kenya our delivery efficiency fast and convenient once we receive the customer’s payment, he or she can receive the good within 2 to 3days.



Fed up with the terrible warbling noise your flat-screen TV makes? You've come to the right place, Upgrading the sound of your living room is as easy as plugging in a Leadder Home theatre, hurry shop now and take advantage of our electronic sale promotion.



Shop online at www.amanbo.co.ke or you can also get them at Amanbo service centre 1st floor two rivers mall or within CBD RNG plaza 1st floor shop No F11. Along Ronald Ngala street.

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